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Google Analytics Tutorial: How to set up and use Goals

Google Analytics Tutorial:

How to set up and use Goals

Use Google Analytics to set up Goals to track all events that are considered a conversion for your business.

This White Paper will show you how to set up and use these Goals for Google Analytics. 

  • URL Destination
  • Visit Duration
  • Page/Visit
  • Event

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Direct Marketing Has Evolved Yet Stayed the Same
Andrew Wetzler, President

I was in the midst of some Fall cleaning when I came across this direct mail brochure from approximately 27 years ago, when I was living in an apartment in Baltimore, right after graduating from college. It's pretty incredible how much this brochure is a precursor to a website.

Jingle Bells: Can You Hear Them Ringing?
Danielle Leitch, Executive Vice President

OK, I know it's hard to imagine jingle bells ringing already, but preparation for your Holiday marketing should be in full swing. Every year the start of this season seems to happen earlier, so it is critical for advertisers to be planning well in advance.

Target User Experience for Higher Conversion
Anthony Fazzini, Client Strategist

Online marketing is an extremely competitive and ever changing business channel. Competitors' knowledge on how to use the internet to find customers increase daily, leaving businesses and marketing professionals to try to figure out - what is the best strategy to gain additional customers?

Ask the Expert
Kristin Lesko, SEO Content Strategist

Can we have several people from the company produce content for us or is it better to have a single "voice" and just one writer generating content?

Google Analytics Mini Videos

Learn to fully leverage Google Analytics' new Social Analytics with these short videos. 


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