Jingle Bells: Can You Hear Them Ringing?



OK, I know it's hard to imagine jingle bells ringing already, but preparation for your Holiday marketing should be in full swing. Every year the start of this season seems to happen earlier, so it is critical for advertisers to be planning well in advance.  This year, with mobile and tablet usage on the rise, having a strategy to capitalize on these Holiday shoppers (researching or buying) is key for success.

Here are my top three Holiday-centric marketing tips for those managing businesses focused on consumer products and services:

  1. Measure, measure, measure – this is the time to ensure every page on your web and mobile sites are coded properly to capture traffic and data.  No matter which platform you use, proper configuration results in accurate information and good decision-making.  The alternative will lead you down a path of no return.  Don't waste another important season guessing on where sales came from and what the online ROI is.  Let this be the year for data intelligence – Knowledge is power!
  2. Audit your Search campaigns with an unbiased eye and fresh approach.  Often times, when there is an ad campaign established, advertisers neglect to spend time auditing what ultimately is one of their most important Holiday assets.  Review the structure and set-up of your campaigns, targeting options, ad copy and of course budgets.  Although this may not be the optimal time to test new strategies and tactics in search, activity early on in the season may offer insight to leverage down the road when traffic will be at its peak.  There is still time to set-up your Product Feeds for Google, although now that this traffic is no longer free, it must be monitored very closely.
  3. Engage with your customers (current and potential) through viable social networks.  This form of communication allows advertisers to push content "on-the-fly", as well as tailor information to each audience.  Delegate someone within the organization to monitor your accounts, thereby responding timely to both positive and negative comments.  Offer unique content or offers on each network, acknowledging what messaging and content works best in each.  Drive traffic from social networks back into your website and make sure to tag these URLs for measurement.

Make this Holiday season the best possible – stay focused, measure closely and embrace the channels available!  Looking for last minute advice on your Holiday Ad Campaigns?  Let's talk.

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