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Google Analytics Webinar

Google Analytics Webinar

How To Avoid The Most Common Mistakes in Google Analytics

As a Google Analytics Certified Partner, Morevisibility has helped hundreds of companies use Google Analytics more effectively. This 45 minute webinar will cover mistakes which frequently hamper Marketers from maximizing the available data.

These areas include:

  • Advanced Coding & Audience Segmentation
  • Cutting through the Clutter
  • Defined Outcomes & Telling your story
  • Special Bonus

Featuring: Danielle Leitch, EVP at MoreVisibility
Theo Bennett, Manager of Web Analytics 

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If there is anyone who underestimates the degree to which Twitter has impacted the way information is disseminated throughout society, they need to look no further than the events of the past two weeks. The horrific tragedy in Boston was first broadcast on Twitter; several minutes before it appeared anywhere else.


We are all keenly aware of how quickly news and current events can be transmitted across the world via Social Media. This is equally true for false or mis-information - which can lead to panic, fear or worse.


One question that inevitably arises when discussing a website's optimization effort is whether or not to make changes for the site's users or for search engines. The misconception that features of a website must be optimized for users or for search engines is a common yet incorrect one.


How can I conduct A/B testing or run experiments to improve the performance of my website?

Complimentary SEO Site Critique

Is your website optimized for Google & Bing?

Can prospects find your website in the search results? There's no easy "Do-It-Yourself" tool that will properly evaluate your website and point out areas for improving your rankings.

For a limited time, MoreVisibility will review and critique your website's SEO effectiveness. Our complimentary evaluation will provide tips and suggestions relating to:

  • Design Strategy
  • Content Management System (CMS)
  • Architecture
  • Keyword Strategy
  • Off-Site SEO Linking

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Will you be attending PUBCON in New Orleans?

If so, come sit in on Danielle Leitch's Analytics session about data measurements and solutions! Want to meet up withDanielle at PUBCON?

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