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For a long time, I have been an advocate and fan of this social media channel.  It has so much potential and value to one's career, I can't imagine a better or more productive place to spend time online.  MoreVisibility has worked with many clients on leveraging LinkedIn for their organization, including paid advertising options (you'll notice my testimonial on their website for this) and maximizing their Company Page (we were one of the first companies to create a page!)

Just last week, LinkedIn rolled out new features for Education.  First, they reduced the minimum age to 14 to open an account, encouraging high school students to tap into this networking platform.  Second, they introduced University Pages for colleges and higher learning institutions as an outlet to connect students with their potential institutions of choice.

One of the ways these enhancements can be used is for students making a decision in their Educational path.  University Pages can help to facilitate a selection, based on comprehensive information and knowledge, as well as connections from a robust network (to include students, alumni and staff). LinkedIn for Education can serve the needs of a college-bound student, by eliminating assumptions, marketing brochures and guesswork and replacing it with facts, details and resources, especially human (i.e., people).

In addition, this new feature really facilitates alums of a University connecting and networking, with each other and the school.  As a Board Member for Florida Atlantic University Alumni Association, I see tremendous opportunity for alumni to help each other, new graduates and those still trying to decide where to enroll.  It's the power of the people, as LinkedIn has proven so well already.

A LinkedIn University Page does not replace a Company Page for the institution, but rather becomes a compliment to it.  These each have different intentions and purposes and potentially, audiences.  Many Universities and Colleges already have a presence, but it hasn't officially opened to the public yet – so more will be revealed in the coming weeks.  Go take a look and see if your favorite college or Alma Mater has rolled out their page yet!

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