Goodbye to 2013



Many times, advertisers will ask, "Why should I look at anything other than Google?".  I assume this question is raised because of Google's dominance in the search landscape.  However, there are other web brands that also have significant traffic and market share – even if it they do not hold the majority, their numbers are still sizable.  Here is a look at the Top 10 Web Brands for 2013, for desktop traffic, according to Nielsen:

TOP 10 US Web Brands for 2013

Interesting to note, both #1 and #5 are Google properties, so if they were combined in this chart it would position Google overall, as a very dominant leader.  Additionally, Nielsen has segmented #4 from its parent Microsoft, listed at #6.  If those were to be combined, Microsoft/MSN would be a strong #2, well ahead of Facebook or Yahoo.

As you can see, the YoY comparisons across the board are down.  Since this was analyzing desktop traffic only, it should come as no surprise given the shift to mobile usage.

In 2014, employ a comprehensive strategy for Digital Marketing.  Leverage all of the appropriate online channels, not just the biggie's, and ensure a multi-screen approach.

Happy New Year!

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