Google AdWords Releases Enhanced PPC Campaigns



Google has identified that people are increasingly switching between desktop, tablet and mobile devices, and these changes in consumer behavior have presented new ways to reach consumers via advertising messages.  That said, Google recently announced its release of Enhanced Campaigns which will impact all pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns in Google AdWords.

Google says that the migration to Enhanced Campaigns will be gradual and Google will not force the transition until late in the second quarter of this year. Currently, most accounts already have the option to upgrade to Enhanced Campaigns available.

What does this mean for current advertisers?
One of the biggest impacts of Enhanced Campaigns is that campaigns will automatically combine desktop/laptop and tablet devices as one device. Advertisers will be able to adjust bids for the same campaign targeting mobile devices, but will no longer be able to solely target tablet devices.

On the other hand, advertisers will be able to create device-specific ads. Ads will have more relevance to a user's intent based on where, when and what device is being used. Advertisers can automatically increase or decrease bids based on location, time of day/week and device to create more specific messaging to users.

In the coming months, Google plans to release advanced reporting in addition to new conversion types to be able to track goals like calls, digital downloads and in-store purchases across multiple devices.

To prepare for the migration to Enhanced Campaigns, advertisers should identify which campaigns have been duplicated to target tablet and mobile devices and combine these campaigns to simplify campaign management. Next, create mobile-specific ads from previously mobile-only campaigns. From there, advertisers can set up automatic bid adjustments to target specific locations, time periods and devices.

Our Executive Vice President, Danielle Leitch, was quoted in The Wall Street Journal on the release of Enhanced Campaigns.

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