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Holistic Guide to Mobile Marketing Strategy

Holistic Guide to Mobile Marketing Strategy

You hear the news almost daily – mobile traffic is up across the web and mobile advertisers are drawing huge numbers. But without a mobile strategy in place, you won’t be able to take full advantage of this trend. In this report, we look at the key elements of mobile strategy and offer guidance about what your company should be doing to move into the mobile revolution.

In it, we address:

  • Mobile design concepts and considerations
  • Mobile content best practices
  • Mobile marketing strategies
  • Social media integration
  • Mobile advertising solutions

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I salute LinkedIn for creating a groundbreaking metric that seeks to "quantify" the breadth and presumably the clout of individuals from a business perspective. The more Connections someone has, the more important or far-reaching their influence.


Media planning is an art and a difficult one at that. Placing ads on specific websites, based on demographics and target market, as well as audience reach can be very helpful. Banner advertising has been around a long time and certainly has its purpose, as well as a place in your digital marketing plan.


As the age-old adage goes, timing is everything - and marketing is no exception. A social media post that's simple, yet timely has the potential for a greater, more immediate impact than an ad campaign that's been meticulously planned for months.


Q: As a business with several locations (a different regional focus for each), what is the best way for us to approach Paid Search Advertising?

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Complimentary SEO Site Critique

Google is continuing to roll out Panda algorithm updates. Has your website been impacted?

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