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Q: As a business with several locations (a different regional focus for each), what is the best way for us to approach Paid Search Advertising?

A: There are many different strategies a business could employ. The best way to start would be to create a game plan for each location and which products/services they target.  Within this strategy, you will want to outline all products/services each location offers, the geography they cover, and the demographic that you would like to market toward.

Once you have compiled this intelligence, you can create campaigns for each location with the product/service focus as Ad Groups to house the keywords within.  These campaigns can then be targeted based on the geography each location would like to cover. With this feature, searchers will not see your ad unless they are in the target area that has been specified within your account.  It is important to note, that if two facilities both offer the same product/service and they overlap in geography, you will be competing against yourself for that specific keyword.

Once the campaigns are built, you can begin running the targeted ads and focus on optimizing and converting searchers to customers.

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