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Complimentary Google Analytics Account Review

Complimentary Google Analytics Account Review

  • Goals, Filters and Funnels
  • JavaScript Placement
  • Tracking Codes
  • Custom Variables and More

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A fundamental premise that the web and search in particular have been built upon is that the "buyer" comes to you (your website). That's true relative to earlier channels of marketing like outbound telemarketing and direct mail, but for a large portion of businesses, particularly B-B companies, utilizing the internet to cultivate new prospects is the beginning of the sales funnel, not necessarily the middle or the end of it.


Last week, Facebook rolled out the recognition of hashtags (#) on their platform. These have already been in use (overuse in many cases) for years on the Twitter platform, as well as Google +, so it seemed only fitting that Facebook would follow.


The migration deadline for Google AdWords advertisers to upgrade to Enhanced Campaigns is July 22, 2013. We recommend that all current Google AdWords advertisers upgrade to Enhanced Campaigns prior to the deadline as Google says that the AdWords system will automatically upgrade all campaigns using default settings.


Q: How does a company handle multiple people producing online content, while keeping a consistent tone?

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Fulfillment Works - Client Spotlight

Fulfillment Works sought to increase their online presence through Social Media and an updated SEO approach. 

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