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Q: How does a company handle multiple people producing online content, while keeping a consistent tone?

A: This is a great question, and something that companies need to think about more and more, as social media and content marketing become a bigger part of how we do business. The more "cooks in the kitchen," as the saying goes, the greater the room for error.

Companies can mitigate this issue by laying down a few ground rules, and making sure those rules are communicated to everyone across the organization.

First, if you want to keep a consistent tone, it's important to define for your employees exactly what that tone should be. This tone should be deeply connected to your brand's voice and persona. (You would never, for example, want to use a casual tone if your brand's persona is highly serious.)

The next step is to lay out specified editorial guidelines. Editorial guidelines help to ensure all of your content has the same look and feel, which can contribute toward tone.

Finally, consider using a single editor. Editors can help ensure that your editorial guidelines are met, while also smoothing out tone, helping the organization speak with a unified voice – no matter how many cooks there are in the kitchen.

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