Upcoming July 22nd Deadline for Enhanced Campaigns and What it Means to Advertisers



The migration deadline for Google AdWords advertisers to upgrade to Enhanced Campaigns is July 22, 2013. We recommend that all current Google AdWords advertisers upgrade to Enhanced Campaigns prior to the deadline as Google says that the AdWords system will automatically upgrade all campaigns using default settings.

One of the biggest impacts of Enhanced Campaigns is that campaigns will automatically combine desktop/laptop and tablet devices as one device.  Advertisers will be able to adjust bids for the same campaign targeting mobile devices, but will no longer be able to solely target tablet and mobile devices separately.

Campaign settings will be targeted to reach customers across all devices and any legacy campaigns that were previously targeting computers and tablets will be automatically opted into mobile devices with a default mobile bid adjustment automatically set based on bids from similar advertisers. If you are an advertiser that wishes not to target searchers on mobile devices, it is important to upgrade before the July 22nd deadline in order ensure that Google does not automatically target your ads to unwanted devices.

On the other hand, if you have legacy campaigns opted into mobile devices only, if Google automatically upgrades your campaigns, the targeting will be opened to desktops and tablets, in addition to mobile. This may not be a good fit for campaigns that had mobile-specific landing pages.

If you are a current Google AdWords advertiser and do not have a Paid Placement program with MoreVisibility, please contact us if you'd like any assistance with the upgrade to Enhanced Campaigns.

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