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Google Plus: "Get Started" Guide For Business

Google Plus: "Get Started"

Guide For Business

Google+, also referred to as G+, is not only the foundation of Google's Social Media activities, but is becoming a valuable component of their ranking algorithm. With that in mind, it's incumbent upon businesses to gain an understanding of how to set up and then utilize the G+ platform.

This Guide highlights the steps involved in establishing a G+ identity and includes: 

  • Creating a G+ Account
  • Google Places for Business
  • Google Plus Business Page
  • Custom URL and Google Direct Connect

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We are all familiar with Albert Einstein's definition of insanity: "Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results." I believe that this truism is often lost on marketers who don't understand why their websites underperform expectations or the more positive results that competitors seem to be achieving.


There were several key announcements that occurred over the past few weeks, some of which may not have gotten the attention they deserved. Additionally, and more likely to impact Companies, is the new layout introduced to the timeline. Although not yet available to everyone, I see this as a major improvement to the organization of images, video and content on a Company Page (individual’s too!)


Facebook was launched in February 2004 and since the start has been the most used social media platform in history. Recently, the social network reported over a billion monthly users while delivering innovative features to compete against other rising social platforms.


How can I improve my Quality Score in AdWords, as it indicates "Below Average" for many of my keywords?

Social Media Video Series

Through these brief video clips, learn how these Social Media channels can improve your online visibility and ROI.

RoamRight - Client Spotlight

Global Travel Insurance Company is Early Adopter of New Google Product, Google Tag Manager (GTM) 

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