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Q: How can I improve my Quality Score in AdWords, as it indicates "Below Average" for many of my keywords?

A: To make the most out of each dollar you invest in your AdWords efforts, follow the below steps to improve your Quality Score:

  • Ensure that the keywords in your Ad Groups are “tightly themed”: The ideal Ad Group is made up of similar keywords that that promote a single product/idea/or service. By grouping related keywords together, you can ensure that the correlating ad copy is highly relevant no matter the variation of the keyword.

So if I sell pet food, I may create the following ad groups:

Dry Dog Food – Adult
Wet Dog Food – Adult
Organic Dog Food – Adult
Weigh Management Dog Food – Adult

Even better, I may consider taking it one step further and breaking out my ad groups by brands:

Castor and Pollux Dry Dog Food – Adult
Wellness Dry Dog Food – Adult
Fromm Dry Dog Food – Adult

  • Optimize Your Ad Copy: Now that the keywords in your Ad Groups are tightly themed, it will be easier to write unique, relevant ad copy for each group. Your ad copy should include the following elements:

    • Keyword being searched: Consider Keyword Insertion if it makes sense.
    • Clear Call-to-Action
    • Value Proposition
  • Evaluate Your Destination Page: Ask yourself the following questions:

    • Is this the most relevant page on site for that search query?
    • Does my landing page match what is promoted in the ad copy?
    • Is the call-to-action clear on the page?
    • Will the user know what to do on that page?

If the answer to any of these questions is no, test sending traffic elsewhere on your website or building landing pages that are optimized for CPC conversions.

Taking the above steps to improve a low Quality Score will create a better user experience and can also lead a lower cost-per-click.

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