The Early Bird Gets The Mobile Worm



What's happening right now should not be confused with a fad or something that applies to some businesses, but not ours… The fundamentals of how people utilize the Internet are undergoing an evolutionary-like transformation and it impacts every company that has a digital presence. The desktop era is behind us and web activity is occurring on much smaller devices, in much more succinct ways. This means that just like 15 years ago when the Internet was in it's infancy, fundamental shifts are afoot.

It should be assumed that any online interactions you have with prospects or clients needs to occur in a mobile friendly manner. So, for example, if you are sending out an email blast, make sure it looks good when viewed on an iPhone. Also be sure that landing page someone experiences if they click through from the mailing renders properly.

Within most industries, particularly B-B, there is only limited adoption to this point. This presents an opportunity to gain a meaningful advantage for organizations that are willing to embrace this shift, look carefully at all of their digital assets and modify any that aren't mobile friendly.  When individuals have a choice between optimized and non-optimized mobile sites to interact with, they will increasingly choose to do business with companies that are making it easy for them.

It would be an oversimplification to suggest that everyone can make a quick transition to mobile optimized sites, emails, etc., but just like with ecommerce, SEO and SEM, those who commit early to adopting what's new and then refine continuously will stay ahead of those who don't.

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