Tis the Season to Boost Sales



Each year it seems to me that the holidays arrive earlier and earlier.  It's back-to-school time then, before you know it, festive decorations fill the storefronts and holiday gift lists are being frantically fulfilled.  With everything moving at such a fast pace, it's integral for any business to stay on their A game. 

It's no secret that, during the past decade, online and mobile shopping has taken a huge lead over in-store shopping. Tablets, the iPad in particular, stood out and continues to grow in popularity. In March 2013, according to IBM, the iPad passed the iPhone as the largest driver of mobile traffic to retail sites.  With online and mobile now omnipresent in consumers' shopping behavior, and the increase in competition, you must create a seamless experience for your customer in order to help drive sales.  Below are a few ideas to take into consideration when thinking about how to best execute your online and offline advertising efforts.

  1. Visibility – Being visible on any device, at any location is key to increasing traffic and possibly increasing revenue.  Additionally, when present in the mobile arena, you need to make it easy for the consumer to contact you or drive right up to your store.  If running a PPC campaign, consider adding call extensions (click to call) which allow you to feature a call button in your search ads or feature your phone number in a link where your customer can easily tap and phone you.
  2. Transparency – If you're like me, you want to know immediately if you can take advantage of a sale or promotion.  Offer extensions allow you to showcase special offers within your offline ad.  You can even attach a coupon or rebate to your ad.  This sets you apart from your competition and can catapult you to the forefront.

  1. Positive User Experience – No one wants to wait for a page to load or be led to a web page that isn't directly relevant to their search. Studies have shown that shoppers who are dissatisfied with a website's performance will most likely not return to the site. Make sure your site is easy to navigate and that its content is concise.  Additionally, make sure you have a mobile-friendly landing page that is fast, brief and call-friendly.

In a digital era where laptops, smartphones and tablets are king, every minute counts.  Follow these best practices and you'll be on your merry way to a profitable holiday season.

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