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Google Analytics

Five Critical Steps To Successfully Setting Up A Google Analytics Account

This straightforward Whitepaper details vital measures to take to ensure your website is coded properly for Google Analytics and accurately capturing site data. Topics include:

  • Account Creation
  • Using Profiles
  • Setting up Events
  • URL Tagging
  • Goal Set Up

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I had the opportunity to present a Digital Marketing Refresher: The Latest Tactics & Strategies to Promote a Business Online last week at Franklin College and the Taylor Institute in Lugano, Switzerland. I shared with the audience my perspective on what's new marketing-wise and how companies are leveraging the web to boost their businesses.


Audit your Google Analytics Account and Code As a Google Analytics Certified Partner, we evaluate and review many accounts for advertisers of all types and sizes. Nine times out of ten there are glaring mistakes in the account set-up or javascript placement on the website.

Mobile Matters!


Remember those days when cell phones and tablets were not part of our daily life? For many of us today smart phones, tablets and in general mobile devices are essential on a day to day if not hour by hour basis.


Q: While we see traditional keyword search as one of the most cost effective ways to generate leads online, we're reluctant to try display advertising. From what I've heard, display advertising could be a very effective way to achieve brand exposure, but not really efficient for lead generation or for any efforts where ROI is key. What's your take on this?

EdwardsCo Client Spotlight

To help EdwardsCo achieve their goal, MoreVisibility planned a paid placement campaign entirely focused on soft lead generation.

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