Top Five Things To Help End 2013 With A Bang


  1. Audit your Google Analytics Account and Code As a Google Analytics Certified Partner, we evaluate and review many accounts for advertisers of all types and sizes.  Nine times out of ten there are glaring mistakes in the account set-up or javascript placement on the website. Either, or both, of these issues could cause significant challenges within your web data, including inaccuracies.  So, fix it fast! Our latest Google Analytics White Paper is a great place to start.
  2. Evaluate your Paid Search Strategy Many changes were rolled out in Paid Search this summer, when Google AdWords introduced Enhanced Campaigns.  Some advertisers have noticed adjustments to their metrics and ROI, which has required a shift in strategy.  Review the settings and targeting of your current campaigns and modify where appropriate, especially around mobile devices. The last few months of the year can get competitive as far as bidding and new marketers entering into the paid search picture.  Determine how best to allocate your budget across channels and then over the course of the month.  Don't try to do too much with a limited budget.  Stretching your marketing too thin will only result in a lack of results, which isn't a fair test and will get you frustrated with the effort.  Although Google holds the market share majority in Search, there are other networks to evaluate and test, which may produce valuable results and/or deliver higher ROI.
  3. Leverage ReMarketing As An Advertising Tactic The ability to target a consumer out on the web, who visited your site previously but did not convert, has proven to be a successful strategy for many.  Google AdWords offers a convenient and easy way of performing this type of a marketing campaign – limiting your expense and reach, if necessary. There are numerous other networks, in addition to Google, who also offer this marketing tactic.  A tip: create multiple audiences, based on their behavior while on your website, to ensure the most accurate message is being delivered back to them while they are elsewhere on the Web.
  4. Monitor and Engage in The Online Social Community Jump on in!  There are people talking about your products, goods or services and possibly also your specific brand or company.  It is very important to listen to what your prospects and customers are saying, but even more so to acknowledge and respond.  This engagement can be valuable with both positive and negative comments/feedback.
  5. If It's Not Working, Change It! The beauty of digital marketing is flexibility and the opportunity to adjust where and when needed. Take advantage of this when testing out new efforts or noticing slips or dips in your ROI and campaign efforts.  With online marketing, you should not stay stagnant for long.  Introduce new concepts and ideas, push the boundaries and if the results aren't what you expect or need – change direction!
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