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Upgrading to Universal Analytics

7 Frequently Asked Questions & Concerns

Ready to upgrade to Google's Universal Analytics? Not sure where to start? Let our experts help you navigate the switch and ease your concerns:

  • Should you upgrade to Universal Analytics?
  • Is the transfer automatic?
  • What if you don’t upgrade to Universal Analytics?

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While the perception persists that company size ought to be a determinant of Organic placements, the fact remains that Google’s ranking algorithm rewards particular activities over others. Company revenue is not a factor.


On Tuesday, April 22nd, Google held an event that was live-streamed on their AdWords blog for all to watch. The broadcast outlined many updates made to the AdWords interface.


They say the only constants in life are death and taxes. For those of us marketing in the digital world, this fact is only underscored by the frequent platform updates. LinkedIn, Google+, Twitter - name a channel and it has evolved in some way within the last 6 weeks.


Q: "What are, in your opinion, the benefits of Shopping campaigns when compared to PLAs, and how should we, as e-commerce retailers, prepare for this transition?"

743% Revenue Increase

MoreVisibility Leverages SEM to Increase Etailer's Revenue 743%

  • 743% increase in revenue for the #1 new state
  • 137% increase in visits
  • 33% increase in total website sales (all states)

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