Bigger Doesn’t Mean Better in Google’s Organic Results



I remember conversations from the late 1990’s that went (and still go) something like this:

“We are four times the size of XYZ Company. How can they be ahead of us in the search results?”

While the perception persists that company size ought to be a determinant of Organic placements, the fact remains that Google’s ranking algorithm rewards particular activities over others. Company revenue is not a factor.

If you are dissatisfied with your organic results then I encourage you to focus on the following areas. You will improve your rankings and traffic, regardless of your size.

  • Ensure that your site’s architecture and technologies are not inhibiting search engine crawling and that they load quickly. Make sure redirects are handled properly.
  • Create ongoing (and non-duplicated) relevant content in multiple formats (blog / video / tweets / social posts).
  • Share and properly repurpose content through the most appropriate Social channels.
  • Respect and stay up to date on established SEO Best Practices.

Part of the issue for larger companies can be the bureaucracy associated with making SEO-related changes to the site. Often there isn’t knowledge or buy-in within the IT team and as a result its priority in the work queue suffers. In addition, correct utilization of Google Analytics (or Tag Manager) needs to be implemented so that SEO strategy (keywords / content type, etc.) can be monitored and adjusted.

Sometimes it’s the smaller companies that are best able to dedicate ongoing resources to the efforts that influence SEO results.

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