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Google Analytics Enhanced Ecommerce

A Guide to Simplify Tracking From Promotion to Purchase

  • What’s new in Enhanced Ecommerce
  • How to deploy the Google Analytics Enhanced Ecommerce Tracking Code
  • A real world coding walk through of a typical client interaction with your site

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If your website is under performing in Organic search, it’s entirely possible there are fundamental problems that can be diagnosed and rectified.


Until recently, Twitter has offered an advertising model to marketers which has been pretty limited in scope and nature. Brands or companies could Promote a Tweet to get better reach or amplification of a message (in the form of a tweet) or Promote their Account to help with channel engagement by recruiting followers.


It is a well-known fact how important it is to create a website that works effectively across device types. Responsive design has shifted to the forefront as the solution for a cohesive experience across devices.


Q: "What is considered average/good/exceptional for Pages per Session and Average Session Duration on my website or blog?"

Blog Increases Orgranic Traffic

Optimized Blog Drives Traffic and Thought Leadership

Since implementation, the blog:

  • Contributes to a 94% Increase in Organic Traffic
  • Accounts for 55% of All Organic Sessions
  • Accounts for 30% of All Website Page Views

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