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Google Analytics Enhanced Ecommerce

A Guide to Simplify Tracking From Promotion to Purchase

  • What’s new in Enhanced Ecommerce
  • How to deploy the Google Analytics Enhanced Ecommerce Tracking Code
  • A real world coding walk through of a typical client interaction with your site

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SEO Site Issues Won’t Fix Themselves
- Andrew Wetzler, President

If your website is under performing in Organic search, it’s entirely possible there are fundamental problems that can be diagnosed and rectified.

#HitYourGoals with New Twitter Advertising Options
- Danielle Leitch, Executive Vice President

Until recently, Twitter has offered an advertising model to marketers which has been pretty limited in scope and nature. Brands or companies could Promote a Tweet to get better reach or amplification of a message (in the form of a tweet) or Promote their Account to help with channel engagement by recruiting followers.

Walk - Don’t Run - Into Responsive Redesign
- Fiorella Alvarado, Director of Client Strategy

It is a well-known fact how important it is to create a website that works effectively across device types. Responsive design has shifted to the forefront as the solution for a cohesive experience across devices.

Ask the Expert
- Shanine Dorta, Client Strategist

Q: "What is considered average/good/exceptional for Pages per Session and Average Session Duration on my website or blog?"

Blog Increases Orgranic Traffic

Optimized Blog Drives Traffic and Thought Leadership

Since implementation, the blog:

  • Contributes to a 94% Increase in Organic Traffic
  • Accounts for 55% of All Organic Sessions
  • Accounts for 30% of All Website Page Views

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