#HitYourGoals with New Twitter Advertising Options



Until recently, Twitter has offered an advertising model to marketers which has been pretty limited in scope and nature.  Brands or companies could Promote a Tweet to get better reach or amplification of a message (in the form of a tweet) or Promote their Account to help with channel engagement by recruiting followers.  Both of these options had a straight-forward billing model, Pay per Follower or Pay per Engagement, but often neither of these options aligned with the companies true marketing goals.

Enter #HitYourGoals.  This is Twitter’s push into a more flexible and mass-scale advertising platform, whereby SMBs can equally leverage the same tactics as Fortune accounts.  As a matter of fact, in this latest release I outline below, it is currently ONLY being offered to SMBs.  Those companies having a managed account with Twitter do not have this feature within their ad platform interface – unless they were a part of the initial Beta group.  A win for the little guys!

For those looking to experiment with advertising on Twitter, or fine-tune existing efforts, I strongly suggest you determine which of these new campaign options will align your goals.  Then set-up the campaign based on how to maximize ROI – through Site Traffic or Conversions, App Downloads or Lead Acquisition.  This is how you will then be billed from Twitter, so use your analytics data to understand how much you can afford to pay for each of these actions.

If this option is available within your Twitter account (under the Advertising section) here is how to get started:

When you log into the dashboard and create a new campaign, select “help me choose”:


From there, select one of the “Goals” or “Campaign Objectives” offered:

Twitter Campaigns

This recently released Twitter Advertising infographic helps break down each of the above campaign objectives to understand which option is best for your business and marketing goals.

I am curious to hear your feedback after testing these.  Hopefully, it will allow marketers to #HitYourGoals.

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