December 2014 NEWSLETTER

December Newsletter

Go Big in Digital Marketing: Creating Ubiquity for Lasting Results

Digital marketing gets more complex year after year. But you can tip the scales in your favor by creating a sense of omnipresence online.

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Be ambitious, But Start Small for 2015
- Andrew Wetzler, President

Whether it’s the New Year’s Resolution signs plastered throughout the health club or the endless articles about how to launch fervently into the New Year (from a business or personal development standpoint), everyone (and every company) it seems, loves to evangelize about the importance of a strong start.

Keep Calm and SEO On
- Danielle Leitch, Executive Vice President

The “Keep Calm and …” mantra is used frequently and diversely, but I do think it’s fitting when referencing the nature of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). I often speak with advertisers who don’t understand the principles of SEO and therefore become increasingly frustrated and/or impatient with the results.

Embrace the Power of Real Time Bidding To Reach Your Ideal Customer Persona
- Max Braglia, Manager of Interactive Advertising

The traditional CPM model of buying impressions in bulk is not efficient anymore because advertisers are buying impressions for the same price per unit, when in reality each impression has a different value, based on the characteristics of the user who interacts with the ad.

Ask the Expert
- Shanine Dorta, Client Strategist

Q: In looking at my Analytics data, I’m starting to see a spike in Yahoo traffic. Any idea why?

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