Be ambitious, But Start Small for 2015



Whether it’s the New Year’s Resolution signs plastered throughout the health club or the endless articles about how to launch fervently into the New Year (from a business or personal development standpoint), everyone (and every company) it seems, loves to evangelize about the importance of a strong start.

My purpose here is to transition from the philosophical to the practical and suggest steps you can take that will have a significant impact on your ability to make 2015 everything that you want it to be (from a digital marketing perspective).

Two ideas come to mind:

1. Make sure you have the right team in place.

Having a solid plan and actually being able to implement it are very different things. Regardless of whether it’s your intent to carry out certain tasks internally or with outside help, it’s still essential that you have an internal team (or team member) who can strategize, test, corral resources and move things forward. Invest in training for those individuals. Our best clients have the most capable (internal) individuals for us to work with.

2. Evaluate your digital presence objectively.

Is your current website the right vehicle to propel your efforts in 2015 or would you be better off spending the first few months re-building it? Is your website Responsive (renders properly on any device)? If your site isn’t up to snuff (looks old, not search engine friendly, poor conversion percentages, etc.) or doesn’t stack up favorably when judged against the sites of your competitors, then it’s time to address it.

Grand ambitions for the New Year are wonderful and certainly preferred to setting the bar too low. That said, invest time now to make sure you have a capable team in place that can leverage a highly functioning website to accomplish great things in 2015.

I hope you have a safe, healthy and wonderful New Year!

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