Keep Calm and SEO On



The “Keep Calm and …” mantra is used frequently and diversely, but I do think it’s fitting when referencing the nature of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). I often speak with advertisers who don’t understand the principles of SEO and therefore become increasingly frustrated and/or impatient with the results. Below are some important considerations to keep in mind when working through your Search Engine Optimization strategy, all in an effort to “Keep Calm and SEO On” throughout 2015.

Keep Calm

  • Domain Configuration & Redirection Handling
  • Keyword Targeted Navigation and URL File Naming Structure
  • Website Architecture (CMS,  shopping carts, coding, etc.)
  • Rich Snippets and mark-up language
  • Effective tracking and measurement, as well as reasonable KPIs.

    • Keyword-rich for appropriately targeted terms.
    • Crawlable, yet user-friendly and engaging also.
    • Focus on your website and also for offsite opportunities.

SEO is a slow and steady process, which will have fluctuations on a periodic basis, influenced by a variety of factors out of the marketers control (personalized/local search and algorithmic updates). Keeping calm, but also staying focused and performing only “best-practices” SEO work, is critical to your website’s long-term success. My hope during 2015 is that each of you will be inspired to develop a sound SEO strategy, implement the work required both onsite and off, monitor the results and continue to refine strategy and improve the progress, long-term.


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