A New Year, a New Look



The start of the year is a perfect time to take inventory of your digital marketing efforts and website. With so many campaign initiatives and site modifications happening in the course of a twelve month period, it’s important to step back and review results, as well as effectiveness. It also is helpful to ensure there are no dead links, 404 pages or unexpected usability challenges within your website.

January can serve as the catalyst for your success in the New Year. For many, it’s the beginning of a new fiscal year and budget, for others it’s a time of evaluation or justification for further resources. In either case, the requirement of accurate data is present.  Never does the time for proper web analytics tracking become more necessary than when budgets are at stake.

As a Google Analytics Certified Partner, we work with clients to not only set up their accounts but also ensure their ability to comfortably extrapolate data from dashboards.
If you would benefit from some custom training in this area, our team is available for consultations.

As you hopefully take your website and digital content inventory these next few weeks, and set up 2014 marketing objectives and goals, fuel your success with a data-driven strategy.  MoreVisibility can help!

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