How Well (or How Much) Can Your Marketing Team Juggle?



The digital landscape is multi-channel, multi-device, and ever-evolving. Taking inventory of your Marketing Department and internal resources is essential to understanding what tasks your team can handle internally, and where supplementing with a contractor or an agency is valuable. In some instances, it is far more productive (monetarily and performance-wise) to leverage the skills and expertise of an outside company. This is particularly true within some of the specialty areas of the digital landscape.

Although you may have marketers on staff with experience in these disciplines, it is unlikely they are able to fully immerse themselves in any one area. Or, even if they can specialize, they may be limited by being siloed into the challenges and nuances of just one website or type of site. So despite their niche knowledge and skills, just how much can they help with unchartered obstacles or circumstances your organization will experience?  Separately, if you are invested in just one person for a very important piece of marketing, what happens when they get sick, go on vacation or decide to leave? Unless you have a very robust Marketing team, these situations could paralyze (or at least handicap) your company’s success.

This infographic below illustrates a large number of opportunities and methodologies that comprise the Digital Marketing ecosystem. Is your team juggling all of these effectively? What areas haven’t been focused on at all? It’s time to find out!


MoreVisibility is well versed in each these areas, yet realizes every client has different needs. Our approach in collaborating with marketing departments is customized, so therefore, understanding where external support is needed, is the first step to success.

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