Be Sure Your Low Tech Sales Efforts Don’t Derail Your High Tech Marketing



We spend a considerable amount of time helping clients understand and implement the newest ways to drive visitors to their websites, social media channels, etc. We focus on website user experience to ensure that once visitors reach a website, an impressive percentage actually take the desired action step (convert). That’s all great, but the fact remains that the actual return on these efforts will often be influenced by events that occur offline.

A conversion can be an ecommerce transaction that completes a sales cycle or involves lead generation where additional follow up is necessary before revenue can be realized. This is where the transition from the high tech online marketing to low tech, offline lead follow-up is critical.

If your website is designed to generate a lead, whether it’s via a whitepaper / webinar request or someone fills out a form seeking more information, then it’s vital to refine a follow-up protocol.

A first step should almost always be an auto responder email sent just after the form is submitted. It should be tailored to whatever action the lead request form indicated would occur. Don’t rely on having a web page appear that explains next steps; when it closes, it’s usually forgotten. An email provides an opportunity to further educate prospects about the benefits of working with your company. Well written emails often include links to pertinent sections of a website and social media channels.

Beyond the initial email touch, the pipeline progression is unique for each company, but ought to be closely tweaked and monitored. For example, if leads are being handed off to a business development team to pursue, are they reaching out to the prospects in a timely manner? Are they willing to pick up the telephone instead of solely relying on email?

Keeping a close eye on the offline dimensions of your marketing / sales will have a major impact on the profitability of your online efforts.

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