May 2014 Newsletter

Complimentary Webinar

Google Analytics - Beyond the Basics

What We'll Cover:

  • Getting the most from your data
  • Analytics Integration
  • Three key reports to monitor
  • Segmenting your data
  • Deploying your Analytics via Google Tag Manager (GTM)

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What’s Your (Personal) Digital Music Strategy?
- Andrew Wetzler, President

This article discusses the evolution of the distribution of music, including the current “fork in the road”, which is likely to impact format, breadth and cost of the music listening experience moving forward.

Take Advantage of LinkedIn: 5 Things You Can Do Today
- Danielle Leitch, Executive Vice President

Here are 5 simple steps on how to take advantage of LinkedIn Programs and Features. Learn how to effectively enhance a LinkedIn profile.

How To Successfully Market Mobile Apps Using Google AdWords
- Max Braglia, Manager of Interactive Advertising

In our always-connected and multi-screen world, mobile apps play an increasingly important role to help users stay connected and find solutions to their needs faster and more efficiently.

Ask the Expert
- Matt Crowley, Manager of Optimized Services

Q: "How much attention should I be paying to my offline competitors versus the websites and pages that are currently outranking me?"

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The Beginner's Guide to Google AdWords

  • Creating an Account in AdWords
  • How to build lists of keywords and Ad Groups
  • Creating Ad Copy
  • Using the data in Google AdWords to make decisions

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