Take Advantage of LinkedIn: 5 Things You Can Do Today



I have always been a huge fan of the LinkedIn platform and an early adopter of many of its programs and features. This is best illustrated by my testimonial and picture featured on the advertising section of the LinkedIn website, working with their team to launch the Company Pages feature, as well as being named as one of the TOP 1% of viewed profiles during 2013.

Needless to say, I heart LinkedIn and find tremendous value in this social media and networking platform. If you aren’t currently active on this network, now is the time!

Here are five suggestions of what you could do today to get started:

  1. Enhance your personal profile – Complete relevant sections, including prior jobs, education, skills, interests, etc.
  2. Upgrade your account ($) – Depending on your job function, there are several options, such as: LinkedIn Premium, Job Seekers & Recruiters

    • Fee-based subscription models; monthly options available.
    • Various levels offered; based on individual needs/objectives.
    • Opportunities to expand reach/visibility; based on goals or platform usage.
  3. Build valuable connections to expand your network.

    • Use the search function to research possible connections by company, school, name, or location.
    • Import your email address book to match existing profiles.
  4. Join relevant Groups and be engaged within those sub-communities.

    • Provide insight and answers where you can, as well as source guidance from others.
    • “Alumni Associations” and “Former Employees of …” are great places to begin networking and building your connections with contacts from your past.
  5. Create a Company Page (for a Business)

    • Take ownership of the company listing (from an account perspective).
    • Add custom graphics and content.
    • Build page followers to promote content.
    • Explore advertising opportunities ($).

Bonus item: If you’d like to connect, please feel free to reach out via LinkedIn. If we don’t share something in common, you can request an invite on the platform by using my email address dleitch@morevisibility.com.

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