November 2014 NEWSLETTER

November Newsletter

Social Media Advertising: Opportunities and Keys to Success

The data that social media platforms like Facebook have on their users is a goldmine for advertisers. With this data, and the targeting capabilities available through the social platforms, advertisers can find past and future customers with laser-like accuracy.

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Mobile friendly websites are increasingly needed as mobile visits grow. Know your mobile viewership percentage and optimize user experience.


Since this is the theme for most consumer marketing this week and the next few to follow, I thought it appropriate to spin it to those who are trying to win the digital advertising fight.


By now, most contemporary marketers have accepted the fact that “Content Marketing” is a necessary component of the overall marketing mix. However, many are struggling to come to terms with how to define and execute it.


Q: We’re modifying our lead source attribution because currently, the 1st interaction will take the credit for a conversion but our marketing team disagrees. Leads tend to come in as referrals, but what about all of those interactions in between? Who gets the credit: the first or last interaction?

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