Holiday Must-Have’s for Digital Marketers



Since this is the theme for most consumer marketing this week and the next few to follow, I thought it appropriate to spin it to those who are trying to win the digital advertising fight.

Currently, these would be the four strategies and tactics I recommend for your professional holiday wish list:

1. Tag Manager:

Stop battling for IT resources every time you have a new tracking pixel or JavaScript code to be placed on your website. This little baby empowers the marketing team to be self-sufficient and track the hearts away. Of course, MoreVisibility is a big fan of the Google Tag Manager platform, free and robust, but there are many other options too.

2. Enhanced Ecommerce Tracking for Google Analytics:

If you are a Google Analytics user and have a shopping cart check-out process on the website, this shiny toy is screaming your name. Although not brand new, many marketers haven't implemented this functionality yet and are missing out on some great intelligence it can provide.

3. Dynamic Remarketing Lists for Verticals:

Forget about retailers, this is for everyone else to take advantage of. Through creation of a custom feed, dynamic remarketing can be part of your behavioral marketing arsenal this Holiday season and well beyond. In the vein of what has already been out for ecommerce clients, Google has opened up the options for travel, daily deals, hospitality and many other advertisers to capitalize on.

4. Content Marketing Strategy:

The one gift that will keep on giving to your organization all year long!!! Stop wasting time and resources producing content for social media, SEO linking and/or the blog until you have a solid and cohesive plan. Too many advertisers are pumping out articles and posts without a purpose, thereby gaining very little traction with engagement or visibility. Defining a strategy first, creating a content calendar, producing content optimized toward a valid key phrase and having a measurement plan in place will all aid in yielding many happy returns in 2015.

So, what's on your marketing wish list this Holiday Season? Tweet me @DanielleLeitch & @MoreVisibility

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