Fix All The Complicated Stuff, But Don’t Forget To Tackle The Obvious



It’s easy to get caught up in the technical and more advanced aspects of digital marketing. Whether it’s participating in a beta advertising program with one of the social media channels or figuring out how to properly marry up data between Google AdWords and Google Analytics, there are endless projects to pursue that can be valuable, but may direct focus and resources away from more pressing needs.

What’s not always easy is identifying aspects of your program that are more fundamental in nature and that can have an immediate impact on your profitability. I suggest that you take some time to closely evaluate your website from a user experience / conversion effectiveness perspective.

Here’s an example of a product listing from an ecommerce website where the most important call- to-action is obfuscated:

Use a Clear Call to Action

The conversion points appear to be to either “Add to Wishlist” or “Add to Compare” as they are most prominent (and spelled out). In fact, the blue icon of the cart is actually the intended conversion point, but it’s unclear and certainly could be made more obvious.

Although what is above is my opinion and I’m confident it’s accurate, it represents an opportunity to employ some basic A/B testing to validate (one way or the other). Every website has opportunities to improve results. Invest the time in these fundamental types of issues before getting sidetracked with fancier initiatives.

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