15 Years Later…Incredible Advancements & Lots to Learn



I remember our dialogue with the first companies who became clients when MoreVisibility launched in 1999. The web was in its early days and marketers had barely heard the term Search Engine Optimization. It was like a cottage industry but there was a lot of curiosity and companies were inclined to dip their toes in the water.

During the stretch (1999 to today) every aspect of the Internet has progressed from every imaginable angle and metric, whether it’s on the technology, design, marketing or content sides. For perspective, take a look at a few websites circa 1999 and contrast to today’s version….

Last week, we had our third co-sponsored Google Workshop in Fort Lauderdale. If somehow that discussion could have been shown to a 1999 audience, they would have thought that Martians had landed. I believe that the next 15 years hold equal advancement potential.

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