3 Google Display Network Techniques to Get You Noticed



The Google Display Network (GDN), reaches more than 80% of unique Internet users around the world, including 92% of all Internet users in the U.S. It’s quickly become the world’s #1 advertising network.

However, many marketers aren’t sufficiently leveraging all of the targeting options the GDN offers. Want to expand your reach? These 3 techniques are sure to get your campaigns noticed:

GDN Technique #1: Separate Search & Display Campaigns

Remember, with GDN placements you are targeting people who are not actively searching for your products or services, and therefore your strategy must be different than what you’re using for Search. By separating Search and Display into distinct campaigns you can have better control of the messaging for each effort.

GDN Technique #2: Use All Targeting Methods Available

You should understand and test all of the targeting methods available, including keywords, placements, topics, interests, and remarketing. Then take it to the next level with “flexible reach”, where the real magic of display targeting comes into play.

GDN Technique #3: Create Effective Landing Pages

Some online advertisers focus so much on the banner ad, they tend to skimp on the landing pages, thus severely limiting their conversions. It’s important to be sure you have a clear call-to-action, the content is well written and scannable, and ensure the most important items are above the fold so users doesn’t have to “scroll.”

The GDN is a great opportunity to get your ads in front of qualified individuals who can become prospective customers and clients.

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