Never Stop Working on Your Content



Although I'm by no means an SEO expert, we have deep SEO knowledge within MoreVisibility and over the past 15+ years, I’ve absorbed a bit along the way. One of the biggest lessons is that you will get out of Organic rankings in Google (and the other search engines), what you put into it. The days of shallow content performing well, or somehow trying to fool the search engines, are (non-best practices and) ancient history.

What matters today includes and extends beyond the written words on the page. Thought needs to be put into the strategy behind the content that’s being created, whether it be words, images, infographics, videos, etc. While most marketers have a good idea of who their target audience is, they are often out of sync with respect to the keywords the audience is searching with and the types of content the audience is consuming; not to mention any sense of whether the content being created is engaging for both people and search engines.

Follow these five steps to shore up your digital content effectiveness:

  1. Study your important competitors to see the types of content they’re producing along with the keywords that they are optimizing toward.
  2. Validate that the keywords you are targeting are ones that your audience is actually searching for.
  3. Assess the degree to which your content speaks to the keywords you are seeking to rank for.
  4. Make a commitment to consistently produce new multi-format, engaging content. Create a content calendar.
  5. Track your performance through Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools.

We’re always here to assist if you have any questions or are looking for help.

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