August 2015  NEWSLETTER

Link Building Revisited:
Building Authority One Link at a Time

Now more than ever, search engines are looking at a page’s relevancy and authority in order to determine the value of a link. In other words, if you’re building links into your site with an eye on SEO, your techniques must change with the times.

In this report, we offer an in-depth look at Best Practice approaches for building high-quality links into your site.

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Andrew Wetzler - President

Utilize Multiple Marketing Channels, but Close the Attribution Loop
- Andrew Wetzler, President

We all have ideas about what drives our new business; some of it empirical and some gut driven. Most websites that include a fully-online transaction and that utilize Google Analytics (the latest version, setup and customized properly) can see which sources are driving conversions. This helps craft future marketing budget allocation and testing avenues.

Danielle Leitch - Executive Vice President

Breakfast with Google – September in South Florida
- Danielle Leitch, Executive Vice President

We would like to invite you to join us next month for our fifth Breakfast with Google live workshop. Of course, it may be easier for those within driving distance of Fort Lauderdale, FL – but just in case you don’t mind to travel, we picked a venue very close to the airport!

Khrysti Nazzaro - Vice President, Brand Strategy

Not Just any “G” – It’s Google in the New Alphabet
- Khrysti Nazzaro, Vice President, Brand Strategy

Always one to innovate and evolve, Google made a striking update in August with the announcement that it would now be part of a larger umbrella entity: Alphabet. In a note from Larry Page, one of the two Google founders, Alphabet is described as a “collection of companies…[t]he largest of which…is Google.”

Matt Crowley - Senior Manager of Optimized Service

Ask the Expert
- Matt Crowley, Senior Manager, Optimized Services

Q: Looking at Google Analytics, I’ve noticed that our website is losing organic traffic. What’s happening and what do we do?

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