Not Just any “G” – It’s Google in the New Alphabet



Always one to innovate and evolve, Google made a striking update in August with the announcement that it would now be part of a larger umbrella entity: Alphabet. In a note from Larry Page, one of the two Google founders, Alphabet is described as a “collection of companies…[t]he largest of which…is Google.”

Nearly instantaneously the media – and overall Internet – were abuzz. What did the change mean? Since then, an exhaustive number of articles written for Internet Marketing industry folks, stakeholders, general business audiences, etc., have been published.

While it’s yet to be seen all that Alphabet will mean for innovation, silicon valley, and Google, a couple things were immediately clear.

  1. This change will allow Google to no longer need to be the parent of multiple diverse business entities – from search, to drones, to self-driving cars, to health, and other industries and products that are all varied and unique.
  2. It also ushers in a new phase in leadership for Google with Sundar Pichai named the new CEO, while Page and co-founder Sergey Brin will be CEO and President of Alphabet, respectively. What else will Alphabet help bring about or change? Only time will tell, but we’ll be sure to report more as it comes to pass.

For the full version of the Alphabet announcement, visit their new website.

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