Utilize Multiple Marketing Channels, but Close the Attribution Loop



We all have ideas about what drives our new business; some of it empirical and some gut driven. Most websites that include a fully-online transaction and that utilize Google Analytics (the latest version, setup and customized properly) can see which sources are driving conversions. This helps craft future marketing budget allocation and testing avenues.

Obfuscation often occurs however in sales environments where an offline activity such as an incoming phone call is the first outreach and when the original source of the inquiry is not correctly noted.

Whether you are a hospital seeking to figure out exactly where your new patients are coming from (search, direct referral, social or a billboard on the highway) or you are an industrial supply organization with numerous lead sources, including the black hole of print trade journals, it’s never been more vital to be able to attribute new customers correctly.

Tactics like unique telephone numbers for individual campaigns can add crucial precision to your marketing effectiveness. Also, tying your prospects into a CRM platform is key to being able to understand not only why someone floated to the top at that moment, but also how your marketing efforts over time may have influenced their behavior.

Boosting the percentage of new business whose sources are known is a great goal for your organization. Need help sorting this out? Contact us.

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