MoreVisibility Hosts Exclusive Event at Google NYC



NYC Google BuildingA great time was had by all, as many of our clients from the MidAtlantic and NorthEast headed into NYC for an exclusive event we held at the Googleplex last week!

The theme of the day's content and conversations was focused around "Personalization in Today's Digital Landscape." We kicked off the morning with a Google-led Keynote session, stressing the reasons why personalization is mission critical to a marketer’s success. Consumers’ expectations have risen dramatically when it comes to digital media and content consumption, so advertisers must focus on personalization in all facets of their online strategy. This includes ads, onsite and offsite content creation, as well as a multi-device, optimized user experience. Are you providing each person interested in your brand a unique and relevant experience?

Emily Smith of Google shared her Top 5 Tactics for Personalization, available through Google:

 5 tactics for personalization

At this point, our guests were able to choose from three breakouts they could attend. The options included Analytics, Video and Mobile. The theme of personalization carried through in each one of these interactive sessions, led by a Google product specialist. Here are some of the highlights:

  • Mobile – Maximize your UX score through a responsive design or mobile friendly version of your website. Page speed and ability to convert should be driving factors in a mobile optimization strategy. As it relates to advertising on Google, adjust bids accordingly, leverage local and hyper local opportunities and enhance your mobile ads with call extensions and site links.
  • Video – Given that the statistics tell us 100 hours of content is uploaded a minute and YouTube is the number two search engine behind its owner, a Google, it's no wonder this session was lively! The discussion focused around the principles of videos being categorized into Awareness (See you, Remember you) and Consideration (Recognize you, Choose you), followed by tactics to promote these through advertising tactics offered within the channel.
  • Analytics- There was much discussion surrounding cross device attribution and the necessity to follow users to the best of our ability, as we know they use several devices to interact with our sites, even within the same day. Additionally, the discussion included tactics to connect with your audience tapping into the Segments data and Audience Insights available within Google Analytics.

Android manOur day concluded with some great questions and dialogue among the Googlers and attendees. Everyone walked away empowered with some new knowledge and ideas … and of course, some Google swag!

A special thanks to our friends at Google for helping us coordinate and host such a fantastic Partner Event. Interested in attending our next event? ….. drop me a line.

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