February 2015 Newsletter

Improve Your Digital Marketing ROI, Change Your Life: Small Strategies That Win Big Results

  • Website and landing page optimization
  • Ad optimization
  • Curtailing abandonment
  • Strategies for boosting the final sale

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Andrew Wetzler


Last month my article focused on the importance of boosting the written content that’s on your website with keyword themed material that will be beneficial to your target audience. In so doing, you can also provide Google (and the other search engines) with the “meat” they’re looking for to rank your site prominently for your important keywords.

Danielle Leitch


Advertisers seem to be on both sides of the fence for this strategy. It’s hard to find a marketer who doesn’t have a strong opinion one way or another, when it comes to including brand-related keywords in a paid search campaign.

Chuck Forbes


I recently moved into a new apartment and decided it was time for some new furniture. My interior decorating style has always been unique – you can always find furniture around my home that stands out. Excited to brighten up my new place, I picked up my iPhone and started browsing furniture designers in South Florida. One store in particular from my Google search caught my eye, and I clicked their website link to see a complete inventory.

Matt Crowley


Q: I know that video content is important for our brand but we don’t have dedicated resources. How can we still make video work for us?

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