Shoot, Tag & Rank



Last month my article focused on the importance of boosting the written content that’s on your website with keyword themed material that will be beneficial to your target audience. In so doing, you can also provide Google (and the other search engines) with the “meat” they’re looking for to rank your site prominently for your important keywords.

It’s fascinating to me how much energy our SEO engineers expend evangelizing the importance of relevant, non-duplicated and frequently updated content. 17+ years into the evolvement of the web and digital marketing, content creation is still an uncomfortable issue for many organizations even though it remains the bedrock of any successful onsite SEO efforts. If you think about it, what could be more rewarding to the organic search algorithms than fresh, on-topic content?

Another valuable component to content creation is images. Their increase in significance on websites for ranking purposes dates back to 2007 and Google’s rollout of their Universal Search Results. The purpose of Universal Search is to account for the fact that there are other types of information (besides textual content) that can be helpful to searchers.

Prior to Universal Search, images were hidden away on a separate tab and as a result, were barely noticeable to most searchers. Today, image results appear front and center in the search results. With that in mind, it’s essential that you craft a game plan for your company that embraces ongoing image creation and proper tagging. Don’t slip on the tagging part, as proper coding can help Google (and the other search engines) understand the picture’s contents.

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