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Setting Up Google Analytics Enhanced Ecommerce Using Google Tag Manager: A Step by Step Guide

  • How did the visitor first find this product on my site?
  • How many other items did they add or remove from the cart before checkout?
  • Which product suggestions were effective?
  • And more!

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Andrew Wetzler


As I read through SEO-related documents that we prepare for clients, there are certain issues that are consistent pain points for companies. Many of these are impacting their ability to rank for their most important keywords in the Organic search results.

Danielle Leitch


After years of working with a variety of different size and type companies, there is usually one question that just doesn’t get a clear answer. How successful is your digital footprint? One of the reasons why I think it may be a challenging question, is because many marketers struggle with exactly what their digital footprint should be. Therefore, it’s impossible to know if it’s successful if it can’t be well defined. Therein lies the bigger issue … Exactly what is a Digital Footprint?

Brooke Bosler


Advertising stems from the core belief that: exposure is branding, branding is awareness and awareness is money. If consumers know about a brand and associate it with a positive connotation, the efforts put forth by an advertiser, and its agency, will be a success. Conversion tracking, which seems to have taken advertising from 0 to 60, gives advertisers the ability to precisely measure the value of advertising dollars and fine-tune to increase understanding on return on investment (ROI). In that context, it’s little wonder that some second guess the value of more general display advertising.

Khrysti Nazzaro


Q: I’m finally ready to fully overhaul my website, where do I begin?

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