Drink the Content Kool-Aid



As I read through SEO-related documents that we prepare for clients, there are certain issues that are consistent pain points for companies. Many of these are impacting their ability to rank for their most important keywords in the Organic search results.

While there are always technical issues that stunt a website’s progress and that need to be addressed, the most common challenge tends to be a lack of focused and unique content. This is a big deal, one that’s often not fully grasped by the folks within an organization who have the ability to commit to a greater investment into (quality) content creation.

SEO Keyword-Page Targeting Tips

In a nutshell and from a non-technical perspective, sites that are well organized and provide a close correlation between website theme, meta data and on-page content tend to fare better. Take some time to assess the degree to which your content speaks to your target audience and aligns with the keywords you are seeking to rank for. If you haven’t revisited this aspect of your website within the past few months, now’s an excellent time.

Lastly, the larger challenge is figuring how to strategically and effectively create ongoing content into the future.

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