July 2015 Newsletter

Goal-Driven Social Tracking:
What to Track, and How to Track It

Social media marketing can take up a lot of resources and time, but is it working for your brand? Many marketers aren’t sure how to track their efforts accurately and effectively. Tips in this white paper will guide you on how to simplify your life – and your tracking – by specifically measuring the metrics that are key for achieving your goals.

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Andrew Wetzler


The past twenty years, for me, have been driven by a fascination with the evolution of the Internet. It’s changed every aspect of our lives, including how companies acquire and engage with their customers.

Danielle Leitch


There has long been skepticism and wonder surrounding this question. It seems one by one, Google is making decisions (followed by public announcements) that point toward the diminishing of importance of this social channel to the search giant. This is a huge divergence from their position in 2007, when Google announced the Google Plus project.

Kristin Lesko


All too often, businesses draw a metaphorical line in the sand when it comes to their Paid and Organic search strategies. But separating the two is essentially like saying, “Paid initiatives, you play over here with this plastic shovel and, Organic, you go over there and use the sandcastle mold.” The truth of the matter is that businesses would benefit from everyone playing nice in the sandbox – and sharing their tools to build great content.

Chuck Forbes


Q: Have you heard of Dynamic Remarketing, but haven’t been sure if it’s right for your brand?

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