June 2015 Newsletter

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Andrew Wetzler


I have recently been exploring Periscope (www.periscope.tv), the new streaming media app / service that came into existence roughly a year ago and that was bought by Twitter for approximately $100 million in March 2015.

Danielle Leitch


So many times over the past few months I have engaged in conversations with marketers where video strategy has been the focus. Similarly, Google has been placing a large emphasis on YouTube and its advertising options (check out our recent webinar with them on the topic), including rolling out a YouTube guru program for agencies.

Chuck Forbes


If someone told you your analytics paltform could be upgraded to gain granular insight on user engagement and interaction across your website, as well as to get data to make more informed marketing decisions, would you upgrade?

April Nelson


There is a lot of great data and useful reports available in Google Analytics to measure SEO success. In this Ask the Expert video, April Nelson of MoreVisibility describes some key reports to help.

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Innovations in Google Advertising: YouTube, Mobile & Beyond

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