The Year of Video



So many times over the past few months I have engaged in conversations with marketers where video strategy has been the focus. Similarly, Google has been placing a large emphasis on YouTube and its advertising options (check out our recent webinar with them on the topic), including rolling out a YouTube guru program for agencies (side note – MoreVisibility has one on staff!). It’s evident from the client and vendor side that this is the year for video. However, I’d caution you not to jump into video production and advertising without having a sound strategy. This can be an expensive and resource-intensive endeavor. So, it’s best to plan and outline how your company can best be served through video.

Content comes in a variety of formats: short- and long-form text, pictures, infographics, blog posts, video, etc. Your video strategy should be a component of a well-thought-out, overarching content strategy for the organization, encompassing all of these elements. Video is one piece, albeit an important one, to a bigger picture. With the rising influence of video within the organic search landscape, plus the dramatic rise of video consumption by consumers, the time is absolutely now to establish how and where your company will leverage it.

As you begin to determine the types of videos needed or best suited for your brand (length, tone, style, etc.) along with the relevant distribution channels, it’s equally important to establish what KPIs will be used to determine success and how they will be measured. In addition, the theme of the videos is important for engagement. Google has shared that some of the most engaged videos (and YouTube channels) fall into three categories: Educate, Inspire and Entertain. The examples I provided are each very relevant for the category they represent and easy to understand what would make them compelling to share, be commented on or watched in entirety. Think of these areas when approaching your video content creation and then create appropriate metrics around each to evaluate their success. (Example: Educate should provide for a very engaged viewer, watching an entire 2 minute video)

So, what’s on your video editorial calendar this year?

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