You’re Not Using Google’s Universal Analytics? Here’s Your Much Overdue Invitation to Get Started



If someone told you your analytics platform could be upgraded to gain granular insight on user engagement and interaction across your website, as well as to get data to make more informed marketing decisions, would you upgrade? Of course you would, yet I still run into companies and organizations that use older versions of Google Anlytics instead of upgrading to Universal Analytics. Many of those businesses say things like “I don’t have the staff to upgrade,” or “The time it would take to learn the new features is too much, plus I still get good insights on my website now.”

If those words have ever come out of your mouth, please give me your attention for the next few minutes as I walk through the main reasons that you’re falling behind the curve and missing out on available, money-making data by not using the new features avialable from Google’s Universal Analytics. Universal Analytics gives you the ability to collect data from a wide-range of outside sources – like mobile applications, social sites and attribute this data down to a single customer. That’s “money-making data” that has been avaible for almost two years – to businesses willing to make the switch.

  1. If your company or organization is putting off migration because you don’t have the time or resources, simply put – find the time and the resources. MoreVisibility specifially employs a staff of Analytic experts to help clients set-up, track and measure the data that is important to them. If you can’t do it yourself, aollocating marketing budget to work with an agency like ours will be hugely beneficial. If you don’t take on the project in-house or hire an agency, you are falling behind. Meanwhile, your competitors are likely measuring data that you don’t have and making more precise decisions on how to increase their campaigns’ ROI based on their customers’ trends in behavior. The biggest fear for any marketer should always be limiting yourself from seeing important, granular data that gives you a greater insight to how your customers are acting.
  2. Universal Analytics offers a UserID function that can connect the dots on behavior across your website. UserID allows you to attribute activity to one specific user across multiple sessions and multiple devices. Now your engagement data can be segmented into custom cross-device reports that give you a better understanding of how that user is interacting with your brand. In most cases, this data can be integrated with your company’s CRM system for a full view of your customers’ and prospects’ engagement with your brand.
  3. Your business now has the power to measure activity on digital devices such as game consoles, and pop-up shops; bridging the gap between online and offline user behavior. Using HTTP requests, developers have the ability to send data back into Universal Analytics in real-time and track the events designated by your company. This new tool allows you to meausre user activity in new environemnts, which leads to new data, which leads to better analysis.
  4. If you have an e-commerce presense on the web and you’re not using Universal Analytics and Enhanced Ecommerce tracking, you’re missing out on tracking custom dimensions for your services and products, such as:

    • Product Impressions
    • Product Clicks
    • Product Detail Impressions
    • Add to / Remove from Cart events
    • Promotion Impressions
    • Checkouts
    • Purchases / Refunds

Ultimately, the world of analytics and tracking data is constantly evolving. Universal Analytics offers a deeper dive into that world of user behavior and is certainly a resource you need to upgrade to and have the proper staff around to measure the impact of your efforts.

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