March 2015 Newsletter

Remarketing for E-Commerce:
The Definitive Guide

Drive non-converting traffic back to your site by employing targeted remarketing campaigns on the web’s biggest advertising platforms.

  • Reengage lost traffic
  • Create personalized ads
  • Drive ROI

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Andrew Wetzler


You may think this is a trick question in which the answer is “an organization with lots of money to spend on digital marketing,” but it’s not. While a client’s ability to invest in a program is obviously significant, the true keys to establishing a highly profitable digital marketing program are much more fundamental.

Danielle Leitch


Many advertisers have decided to hold off on mobile optimization of their websites, for a variety of reasons. Although marketers were aware of Google’s reminders that mobile-friendliness was important for user experience and SEO, it was relatively unknown exactly how important it was or the impact it could have on rankings. That is, until now.

Jaclyn Robledo


Ad extensions are an integral part of standard Google Text Ads because they provide extra layers of information that clarify a site’s content and entice users to click.

Judy Thomas


Q: I’m ready to create a content plan, but I’m not sure where to start. How do I develop a content strategy for my brand?

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