What Makes A Great Client Relationship?



You may think this is a trick question in which the answer is “an organization with lots of money to spend on digital marketing,” but it’s not. While a client’s ability to invest in a program is obviously significant, the true keys to establishing a highly profitable digital marketing program are much more fundamental.

Programs excel when everybody is on the same page with respect to their responsibilities within the relationship and the flow of communication between everyone involved is clear and concise. These attributes, however, should not be confused with the degree to which a client actively participates in their program.

We have great clients we engage with every day, and we have other clients who are much less involved. Both situations can flourish, but neither will be as effective as possible unless everybody understands what the important tasks are and how they are to be divided.

Whether involving design elements that need to be created (landing pages, infographics, etc.), content that needs to be written (or optimized), or Google Analytics code to be applied, things need to get handled efficiently so that programs have the opportunity to gain momentum.

It's vital for companies to accurately assess what can be tackled internally (oftentimes after initial strategic support or training) and what is best outsourced. The briefer the learning curve in figuring this out, along with establishing a communication schedule that works for all parties, the quicker a favorable result will be achieved.

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