Expertise and Innovation in Optimized Services



Within one of our recent newsletters, Khrysti Nazzaro, MoreVisibility’s Vice President, Brand Strategy, described Google as “always one to innovate and evolve.” I believe these terms are also embodied by the teams here at MoreVisibility and thought it would be great to provide a looking glass into some of the recent efforts spearheaded by our Optimized Services teams.

As a primer, the Optimized Services department is comprised of professionals that specialize in the areas of SEO, content, and social media. Our work consistently spans the spectrum from best practice and foundational to evolutionary and even revolutionary. Our company takes a lot of pride in what we do, and we wanted to share some of the work that the Optimized Services teams have undertaken recently.

Over the past month, our company has been hard at work to ensure success across a large number of projects and initiatives. Among many other initiatives, the Optimized Services department:

  • Continued to grow our focus on total web presence management and our partnership with Conductor through:

    • Attending and sponsoring the C3 event hosted by Conductor
    • Winning the Agency Partner Excellence Searchie Award
    • All team members within the department re-earning certifications on the Conductor Searchlight platform.
    • I was personally fortunate enough to earn the highest certification available via Conductor known as the “Legend” certification at the C3 conference.
    • Expanded our use of the newly released Conductor Searchlight platform updates for improving content creation quality and measurement for our clients.
  • Spearheaded several holiday preparation initiatives to provide clients with updated and actionable recommendations to improve their social media, content, and SEO results throughout the upcoming holidays.
  • Performed quarterly reviews to help executives, marketing managers, and content creators understand the key insights and successes of Q3 2015.
  • Lead and consulted on the launch of multiple website redesign projects.
  • Provided strategy and assistance in the creative process for both animation and video as well as its use in social media and content marketing.
  • Executed, managed, and measured results from Halloween content marketing campaigns.
  • Presented strategies on how companies can more effectively and efficiently reach their audience through the use of content.
  • Presented to Florida Atlantic University students on the future of digital marketing.
  • Visited multiple clients in New York to hold 2016 digital marketing strategy sessions.
  • Presented to clients on the current and future value of transitioning towards mobile from a position of strength.

Throughout this work, we are very fortunate to work with great clients and partners that are committed to the long term success of their companies and their marketing. While a lot of credit is due to the team members who perform the work in our department, just as much credit is due to the companies and clients that advocate for the beneficial evolution and innovation that will lead to this success.

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